That they may have life, and may have it abundantly

The Wheaton Fund

The Wheaton Fund is a right-now fund. Your gifts have an immediate impact and deliver bottom-line budget support to every academic department and administrative office on campus. Your Wheaton Fund gift supports financial aid and internship opportunities to our students and allows Wheaton faculty to take their teaching and research to the next level. Your Wheaton Fund gift supports STEM learning programs, the arts, the library, DEI initiatives, and upgrades to Wheaton’s living and learning spaces. Each year your support through the Wheaton Fund creates an abundance of possibilities for our community members.

The Impact of the Wheaton Fund

Here are few highlights from the 2020–2021 fundraising year:

  • Over $3M was donated to the Area of Greatest Need because supporters trusted the Wheaton administration to allocate funding where it was needed most.
  • Over $750K was donated through the Wheaton Fund for unrestricted Scholarship & Financial Aid.
  • Over $250K was contributed towards unrestricted Experiential Learning & Internships opportunities through the Wheaton Fund.
  • Over $187K was given to support unrestricted Academic & Faculty Support, including the arts & STEM learning.
  • Over $55K was donated through the Wheaton Fund to support COVID-19 Mitigation efforts and the Student Relief Fund.