Reasons for giving

There are almost as many reasons for making a gift to Wheaton student-athletes as there are parents, alumni and friends who give.  But all have a common thread:  they support excellence on the field and the court as well as in the classroom.

A parent’s dedication

Allie Cox ’18

Robert Cox, father of two-sport athlete Allison Cox ’18, has watched proudly as Allie has acquired the skills she needs to juggle her responsibilities on the softball and volleyball teams:  time management, the ability to prioritize, and success in the classroom.

“It’s really a wonderful success story for her,” he says.

Understanding the role of athletics in Allie’s experience, he is happy to contribute to the college and says giving to Wheaton “seemed natural…I like to be able to help the coaches by supporting the program.”  Such support gives “extras that the coaches can provide that are not always covered by the budget, such as trips to competitions, or extras layers of windbreakers.”

An alum’s loyalty

Jake Yagjian at bat for the Lyons

Jake Yagjian ’08, who manned second base for the Lyons from 2005-08, remains loyal to the team that, for him, was “a family.”

“If it weren’t for Wheaton College baseball, I wouldn’t have met the best people I’ve ever met,” he says.  “On top of that, it more than prepared me for life after college.”  Both the lessons learned and the friendships formed have lived on long after graduation.

Gifts to today’s student-athletes “help provide them with better equipment and facilities to continue the legacy at a higher level of what WC baseball means,” he says.