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German and German Studies



The German department at Wheaton College is rich in small, intensive, and innovative classes.

Language courses

We encourage students both to begin and to continue their study of German at Wheaton. We focus on proficiency and communication in our language classes.

GER 101 Elementary German
GER 102 Elementary German
GER 201 Intermediate German
GER 202 Intermediate German
GER 240 Advanced German
GER 242 Introduction to German Studies

Courses in literature and culture

These courses are conducted in German and all reading and writing is in German.
GER 302 Business German
GER 303 Deutsche Märchen
GER 341 Kafka and the Kafkaesque
GER 364 German Theatre and Culture
GER 365 Representations of the Holocaust
GER 367 Weimar and Nazi Cinema and Culture
GER 370 Classicism and Romanticism in German Literature
GER 374 Contemporary German Cinema and Culture
GER 376 Berlin: Monuments and Mayhem
GER 380 Identity and Difference in German Culture
GER 401 Senior Seminar
GER 500 Individual Research

Courses in English

These courses are conducted in English; all reading and writing is in English translation. There are no prerequisites and no knowledge of German or of German culture is expected. Additional work for German majors to get 300-level credit.
GER 241 Kafka and the Kafkaesque
GER 250 German Culture
GER 262 The Morality and Fate of Forbidden Knowledge
GER 265 Representations of the Holocaust
GER 267 Weimar and Nazi Cinema and Culture
GER 274 Contemporary German Cinema and Culture
GER 276 Berlin: Monuments and Mayhem
GER 279 Literary Translation in Theory and Practice
GER 280 The Monstrous and the Marvelous: German Fairy Tales and Folklore

Other courses

GER 198 Experimental Courses
GER 199 Independent Study
GER 298 Experimental Courses
GER 299 Independent Study
GER 398 Experimental Courses
GER 399 Independent Study
GER 499 Independent Research

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