Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts
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Environmental Science



Faculty Research

Mud Research

Jani Benoit - Biogeochemistry of mercury and other trace metals in estuaries and wetlands.

Barbara Brennessel - The use of genetic markers to assess the diversity of Ambystoma maculatum, spotted salamanders, Malaclemys terrapin, and the diamondback terrapin.

John Kricher - Ecology, tropical ecology and ornithology.

Shawn McCafferty - Systematics and phylogeography of coral reef fishes; Phylogeography of neotropical freshwater fishes; and conservation biology.

Kathleen Morgan - Applied animal behavior and animal welfare; Behavior of animals in zoos and aquaria; Ecology of yellow-spotted salamanders; and Long-term behavioral and physiological consequences of exposure to prenatal stress.

Robert Morris - Intracellular movement during cellular differentiation. 
Roles of kinesin-II in cilia formation in sea urchin embryos.

Laura Muller - Environmental chemistry, synthesis and analysis of novel sol-gel materials.

Scott Shumway - Coastal plant ecology, vernal pool ecology.

Student Research

Student with Fish

Aspuru, C. '00 Water chemistry comparisons among interdunal vernal pools on Cape Cod.

O'Sullivan, J. '00 Vernal pool certification in Westborough, MA using aerial photointerpretation.

Fahey, J. '99, Stevens, J. '98, and Mitchell, L. '98 Spotted salamander population dynamics in the Wheaton Woods vernal pool.

Banks, C. '97 Plant flood tolerances in interdunal swales.

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