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Foundations of education

Students fulfill the foundations of education requirement by taking one out of the following three courses:
EDUC 240 Multiple Perspectives on Literacy
EDUC 250 Schooling in America
EDUC 260 Teaching and Learning

Perspectives on the learner

EDUC 230 Teaching English Learners
EDUC 251 Special Education
EDUC 275 Learning in the Social Sciences
EDUC 350 Mindfulness in School and Society
EDUC 360 American Higher Education
EDUC 375 Issues in Early Care and Education

Curriculum and methods

EDUC 385 Teaching Math and Science
EDUC 390 Teaching Reading and Language Arts
EDUC 391 Secondary School Curriculum

The practicum in teaching

EDUC 495 Seminar in Teaching Methods
EDUC 496 Student Teaching Practicum in the Public Schools

Peer counseling and tutoring

EDUC 020 Foundations of Leadership
EDUC 022 Sophomore Peer Mentors
EDUC 026 Introduction to ESL Tutoring
EDUC 030 Leadership Models and Practice
EDUC 040 Peer Leadership and Advising Seminar
EDUC 049 Teaching Assistants' Seminar
EDUC 098 Experimental Courses
EDUC 220 Introduction to Tutoring Writing

Other Courses

EDUC 099 Selected Topics
EDUC 199 Selected Topics
EDUC 298 Experimental Courses
EDUC 299 Selected Topics
EDUC 398 Experimental Courses
EDUC 399 Selected Topics

Summer Internship

EDUC 070 Brighton Internship Program

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