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Major requirements

Economics major worksheet

The economics major consists of at least 11 semester courses. These include ECON 101 Introduction to MacroeconomicsECON 102 Introduction to Microeconomics or ECON 112 Microeconomics with BioPharma Applications,  MATH 101 Calculus I or another math course subject to departmental approval, MATH 141 Introductory Statistics or MATH 151 Accelerated StatisticsECON 201 Macroeconomic TheoryECON 202 Microeconomic Theory and five other economics courses, at least two of which must be at the 300 level and one at the 400 level. Economics courses used to fulfill major requirements may not be taken pass/fail either at Wheaton or elsewhere. An overall average of C in all courses is necessary for completion of the major.

Students have developed double majors and interdepartmental majors in art, development studies, English, history, mathematics, philosophy, political science, psychology, Russian studies, sociology and Hispanic studies. Students with particular interests can design an interdepartmental major with the approval of the departments involved, the dean of academic advising and the provost.

Independent study and honors work are encouraged. Majors who are considering graduate work in economics are strongly encouraged to take an extensive number of mathematics courses. See the department chair to determine the most appropriate choices.

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