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  • Internship: Guatemala City

    Katherine Ullrich '14 has worked at health clinics in two Latin American countries since coming to Wheaton College. In 2013 she worked at Hospital San Luis in Otavalo, Ecuador where she learned how nationalism and medical care come together as the hospital adopts an intercultural health model that aims to be more inclusive of indigenous. More »
  • Internship: Mary Mother Church Hospital Lerang'wa, Tanzania

    Anthropology majors with interests in Global or Public Health have been interning in a hospital in Tanzania. Maye Emlein '14 describes her experience in the Summer 2013: "Springboarding off of Donna Kerner’s faculty lead trip to Tanzania in the Summer of 2013 I began a 1 month internship at the Mary Mother of the Church. More »
  • Khadim Niang '15

    Khadim Niang ’15 in The Gambia

    Khadim Niang ’15 interned at Conscience International, an NGO in The Gambia. "Conscience International’s mission, basic rights such as education and healthcare...." More »
  • Congratulations Merretta! Davis Projects for Peace Winner, 2011!

    Building on her work as a 2010 Davis International Fellow, Merretta Dickinson is set to return to Namibia to change lives through education as a 2011 Davis Projects for Peace Winner. More »