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  • Drone Camp

    Conference set to explore practical, theoretical and ethical issues surrounding drones. More »
  • Bringing art, technology together

    $0.5M awarded to promote new approaches to teaching and learning in the arts and new media More »
  • Richard Neal '14 blends technology, liberal arts

    Richard Neal ’14 is a great example of what Steve Jobs meant, and what Wheaton’s curriculum encourages. More »
  • Sam Kottler '15 thrives as telecommuting software engineer

    Sam Kottler '15 is a software engineer for Red Hat, where he uses his knowledge of systems design to write automation software. More »
  • New York Times interviews Professor LeBlanc

    When it comes to digital humanities, Wheaton faculty lead the way. The New York Times picked up on the trend with an article, headlined “Computer Science for the Rest of Us,” featuring an interview with Professor LeBlanc. More »
  • The WHALE Lab

    Want to learn how to knit, solder, weld, letterpress print, sculpt, design? More »
  • Claudia D’Adamo '13

    Claudia D'Adamo '13

    Claudia D’Adamo ’13 is working to improve automated monitoring of critically injured patients. More »
  • Scheduling for the Future

    Members of the Computer Science club have collaborated to create a new course selection tool aimed at helping students easily and efficiently choose courses at Wheaton! More »
  • A Robot, Beowulf and Algorithms

    Many students (and even recent graduates) continue their scholarly pursuits on campus after classes have finished. More »
  • Emily Baldwin ’14 puts cyber intelligence to work

    Emily Baldwin works with the staff at Sandia National Laboratories in the International Safeguards and Technology Systems Department in support of Sandia’s global security mission. More »