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  • lithia_grace_Kolllett_winners

    2016 Kollett Award Winners

    Grace Ulinsky '17 and Lithia Helmreich '16 win the Math and Computer Science Kollett Award. More »
  • NHSgirls

    Women and technology

    Wheaton students encourage high school women to consider information technology More »
  • ezBooks

    Entrepreneurial spirit

    Computer Science majors Khaled Sharafaddin ’16 and Caleb Wastler ’17 lead software development team. More »
  • Taylor-6-122x122

    A balancing act

    Software engineering and circus arts with computer science and interface design major Taylor Wright-Sanson ’13, an iOS developer and skilled circus performer. More »
  • Steve Benz '05

    The cutting edge of cancer

    Stephen Benz ’05 is among a group of trailblazing entrepreneurs who are harnessing DNA sequencing technology to more effectively treat cancer. More »
  • lithiaHelmreich_2016

    Studying in Budapest ...

    Wheaton seniors Lithia Helmreich '16 and Jake Horowitz '16 spent their previous spring semester in Budapest, Hungary enrolled in two competitive programs in CS and Math. More »
  • DronePic

    Drone Camp

    Conference set to explore practical, theoretical and ethical issues surrounding drones. More »
  • 3d

    Bringing art, technology together

    $0.5M awarded to promote new approaches to teaching and learning in the arts and new media More »
  • 650_Richard-Neal_041-220x146

    Richard Neal '14 blends technology, liberal arts

    Richard Neal ’14 is a great example of what Steve Jobs meant, and what Wheaton’s curriculum encourages. More »
  • 650_Sam-Kottler_006a-570x378

    Sam Kottler '15 thrives as telecommuting software engineer

    Sam Kottler '15 is a software engineer for Red Hat, where he uses his knowledge of systems design to write automation software. More »