Students contribute a great deal to the college and its programs, not only through their studies and campus leadership but also through their work in Wheaton’s offices, laboratories, classrooms and athletic facilities.

You will find that Wheaton students fill myriad jobs on campus, ranging from the information desk in the Balfour-Hood Student Center to assisting professors in original research projects. (In fact, the Wheaton Research Partnership program connects students with faculty members who are seeking student helpers for their scholarship.)

The Student Employment Office has designed a campus employment program that complements the work-study awards many students receive. The college also supplements those opportunities with Wheaton Work funding that makes campus jobs available to students, regardless of financial need.

In addition, the student employment office and the Filene Center for Academic Advising and Career Services help students find employment opportunities off campus as well. And we recommend methods for making the student-supervisor work relationship mutually beneficial and productive. The many and varied jobs available on campus—from costume designer to lab research assistant—will help you learn valuable skills that are beneficial, now and for your future.