Nutrition Services at Wheaton College

Do you have questions or concerns about how you’re eating or your nutritional health while at Wheaton? Need  suggestions on how to eat better or how to help yourself through proper nutrition during this stressful time?

Gretchen Stalters, MS, RD is available to work with students and staff via telehealth beginning August 24th. All health insurances are accepted and most plans will cover nutritional counseling.

Contact Gretchen directly at 508-622-0813 or by email to talk more.

Nutrition Services offered via telehealth include:

  • General nutrition information including how to eat a healthy diet as a busy student.
  • Specific nutrition counseling for issues like Celiac Disease, lactose-intolerance, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, Diabetes, GI issues, eating Vegan or Vegetarian, etc.
  • Nutrition counseling for those who have disordered eating patterns and body image concerns.