How do I make an appointment?

Students may request a clinical appointment one of three ways:

  • Calling the Counseling Center at 508-286-3905 to speak with the Office Manager, or follow the voicemail prompts to leave a message.
  • Stop by the Counseling Center at 42 Howard St, during office hours.
  • Submit an Appointment Request Form on InsideWheaton

Appointment Details

All appointments in the Counseling Center are free, and are not billed to insurance.

In general, the initial triage appointment is approximately 15-30 minutes long, and will be a conversation between a student and clinician to determine needs, appropriate providers and the best course of action to support you. If you continue services at the Counseling Center following that initial conversation, subsequent sessions are typically 30-50 minutes long.

Please be on time for your appointments. If you are unable to keep your appointment, please provide us with at least 24 hours notice by calling us to cancel your appointment. Repeated cancellations or missed appointments may result in the termination of counseling at that time (not without attempted contact, offers of re-engagement, and notification). Even if a student does not continue services at that moment, they are more than welcome, and encouraged, to re-engage with the Counseling Center at a future time if the need arises. In the event you do not contact us to cancel an appointment, there is no guarantee that you can be seen sooner than what would be the next regularly occurring appointment.

Can I make an appointment for my child, friend, student, etc?

Because the decision to come to counseling is a highly personal matter, appointments cannot be made on behalf of someone else.  Even though you may strongly believe that someone could benefit from counseling–and you might be entirely correct– the decision to take the first step must always be the “student’s”. That being said, you can always offer to call the counseling center with someone, to set up their appointment if they feel this would be supportive for them.

How many times can I be seen for counseling?

We offer a short-term, solution focused model of counseling. Think of our services as “primary care” for mental health.   If we think you can be helped with this brief model of care, you and your counselor will discuss the number of sessions necessary to achieve your goals.  If you need more frequent, comprehensive, extensive and/or specialized services beyond our short-term solution focused mode, we can help!  Our Case Manager will assist you in making arrangements with off-campus providers who can help you.