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If you are interested in getting more involved or learning more about SMART, please contact us! If you have programming or collaboration ideas, we welcome those too! Email us at smart@wheatoncollege.edu

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SMART Mission Statement

The Sexual Misconduct and Assault Resource Team (SMART) is an inclusive group comprised of staff, faculty and students. SMART serves as the “umbrella group” or steering committee for efforts focused on the prevention and education of sexual assault and interpersonal violence in the Wheaton College community. SMART is a resource team that:

  • serves as an advisor and consultant to the Wheaton community;
  • provides support and assistance identifying resources and reporting options on and off campus;
  • promotes educational programming and training aimed at creating an environment of non-violence and safety, the development of healthy relationships, social and gender awareness, and support skills

SMART Members

  • Lyndsey Aguilar, Area Coordinator
  • Claire Buck, Professor of English
  • Gracie Callahan ’19, Student
  • Alisha Congleton ’20, Student
  • Courtney Gibeley ’20, Student
  • Kneeco Hanton ’21, Student
  • Delilah Meegan ’20, Student
  • Nadia Ostreicher ’21, Student
  • Liza Packer, Outreach and Prevention Education Specialist, New Hope, Inc.

Contact Information

SMART Office
Science Center 231
Office Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:30am – 4:30pm