Upper Class Students

Upper-class students may park in any student parking area. Designated student parking areas are:

*The outer row of spaces adjacent to Lot 1A has been designated for commuter student parking. If these spaces are filled, commuter students may park in any student parking area but must report to Campus Safety that commuter parking is full.

Students who reside in college “houses” may park in driveways to those houses in designated spaces. If the spaces are filled, house residents are expected to park in other available student parking areas. All such vehicles should be registered with Campus Safety.

To see the complete parking plan, download and print the parking map (pdf).

First-Year and Second-Year Students

First-year and second-year students must park in Lot 3 only (off Pine Street).

Prior to arriving on campus, incoming first-year students will be provided instructions and deadline dates by Campus Safety relating to the parking registration process.

Placement of decals and passes

Faculty and Staff

Parking for faculty and staff is available in the lots listed below.

Visitor Parking

Visitors and guests may park in Lot 2 (Elm St.).

Visitors to the campus should register their cars with Campus Safety, particularly if they are staying overnight and obtain a temporary parking pass. This will prevent problems and the unpleasantness associated with a visitor’s vehicle being unknowingly ticketed or towed.

Download the printable parking map (pdf)