Creating a to-do List and timeline will keep everyone on the same page and allows opportunities for all members to feel part of the process. Write down everything that needs to be done. Once your list is complete, put everything in order and set deadlines for tasks to be completed. Click here for a detailed event checklist (pdf) and/or use the following as an example:

Two Months Prior To Event

Seek co-sponsors and begin to brainstorm
Agree on team member expectations
Set a budget and research

Check to see if there are materials you can use and/or rent from the Rhodes Office.

Visit the SAIL office to check if you will need security or local permits (Public Safety, Norton Police, and/or Norton Fire Dept)
Choose a date, review the venue tools guide, then reserve a venue.
Negotiate prices with outside vendors/speakers/performers
Apply for event funding

One Month Prior To Event

Advisor completes contract
Finalize loose ends

room set up and media needs
outside catering or Aramark

Two Weeks Prior To Event

Begin teaser ads and contact The Wire
Reconfirm contracts, reservations, and catering
Submit contract to SAIL Student Banker
Compile a shopping list (decorations, food, etc)
Revisit expectations and distribute duty assignments for team members

One Week Prior To Event

Full event promotions
Large event – Every Thursday at 8:45am a team of people meet to get clarification on event requests for the following week. Meet with SAIL staff to get answers to questions that arise during this meeting which deal with set up, media, and more.

One Day Prior To Event

Final promotions (word of mouth, chalk, Facebook message)
Send team members and volunteers reminders about duty assignments and expectations
Pick up payment from SAIL Student Banker and Accounts Payable in Park Hall.

Day Of Event

Arrive at least ½ hour early to check on set up and begin decorating
Give payment once services have been rendered

After Event

Clean up

Quick Tips

Check the Wheaton Calendar to ensure that other events are not conflicting with yours.
Marketing is a key element to successful event!

Event Planning Next Step