The following are questions that new and transfer students frequently ask about Wheaton and CORE June.

What happens at CORE June?
CORE June is your chance to familiarize yourself with Wheaton before August and the entire campus community returns from summer break. When you arrive a group of staff and student leaders will be at the Check-In tables at the residence halls to welcome you and so you can easily drop off your belongings in your room. The June program then allows you to experience Wheaton campus life, attend presentations and participate in events. You will meet with faculty advisors, connect to CORE Student Leaders, and begin to build your class schedule. There will also be social activities to help you meet other incoming students and connect on a more personal level.

Is it required that I attend CORE June?
While it is not required, it is strongly encouraged that all incoming first-year students attend. Students that attend CORE June are more at ease and comfortable at Wheaton!

What if I cannot attend the CORE June program?
We anticipate that some students/families will not be able to attend in June, but we ask that you complete the registration form and let us know why you cannot attend. We will be in touch during the summer to catch you up and will welcome you in August.

Can I arrive early or late for the CORE June program?
Unless you have an unusual circumstance, please plan to arrive on time. Wheaton staff is busily preparing for your arrival and won’t be ready for you until the morning of the program. Also, because of the importance of each session, arriving late is not recommended. If you think you need guidance in this area, please contact

Can I get to Wheaton via public transportation?
Yes! Even though our local bus system operates on a modified summer schedule, you can still utilize public transportation. If you need assistance please contact Early morning arrival by public transportation can be challenging, especially on Sunday, so please contact SAIL by June 4th to coordinate a possible early arrival.

What should I bring/pack for CORE June?
For the June program, you should only need bedding linens & pillow, a change of clothes (summer casual) and toiletries. Additional items may include a towel, shower shoes, any necessary medications and a phone charger.

What is a(n) AC, RA, Preceptor and CORE Leader?
An AC (Area Coordinator) is a professional staff member responsible for the management of campus residence halls. You will meet them in June. RAs (Resident Advisor) and Preceptors are trained student staff to assist students in campus living and academic life, respectively. You will be assigned your RA & Preceptor before you arrive in August. During CORE June, you will meet CORE Leaders which serve in both the RA & Preceptor capacity during CORE June.

If I have a question about my classes, who can I speak to?
The CORE June program will offer you multiple opportunities to speak with CORE Leaders, faculty and Academic Advising staff who will guide you and answer all your questions. Plus, you will have another opportunity to do the same in August with your assigned FYS Advisor.

Who do I contact if I or a family member needs an accommodation?
Dean Abigail Cohen from the office of Accessibility Services is available to assist you with any accommodations you may need during the academic year. During the CORE June program, if you or your family member will need any accommodations, please contact Andrea Holden by June 1st.