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Major in Art History

Major requirements

Art History major worksheet

The art history major consists of at least 12 semester courses, including:

Seminar: ARTH 401

Arts of the Western Tradition, ARTH 111/ARTH 211, taught in the fall, and Arts of Africa, the Near East and the Americas, ARTH 112, taught in the spring. It is highly recommended that these courses be taken in sequence (ARTH 111 or ARTH 211, followed by ARTH 112).

Two semester courses in Studio Art:

One must be either Two-Dimensional Design ARTS 111, Three-Dimensional Design ARTS 112 or Drawing I ARTS 116.

The other may be any 100- or 200-level Studio Art course. Any 100-level Studio Art course must be taken before the senior year.

Seven additional courses.

Majors must take at least one semester course from each of the following five groups, and two semester courses from the non-Western category:


One of the following:
ARTH 255 Art and Ritual of the Ancient Americas
ARTH 273 Greek Art and Architecture
ARTH 274 Visualizing Ancient Rome


One of the following:
ARTH 231 Italian Medieval Art and Culture
ARTH 253 Castles and Cathedrals
ARTH 298 From the Holy Land to Graceland: The Art of Pilgrimage
ARTH 352 Early Medieval Art and Culture

Early and Pre-Modern (1400-1800)

One of the following:
ARTH 232 Art and Architecture of the 14th and 15th Centuries in Italy
ARTH 241 Northern Renaissance Painting 1400-1550
ARTH 242 Patronage and the Artist in Early-Modern Italy
ARTH 243 Early Modern Spaces
ARTH 244 Baroque Art
ARTH 270 The Art of the Print
ARTH 311 Anatomies 1400-1600: Sexual, Forbidden and Monstrous

Modern and Contemporary (1800-present)

Two of the followling:
ARTH 240 Art of the Avant-Gardes, 1900-1945: France, Germany, Italy and Russia
ARTH 245 Postwar and Contemporary Art: 1945-2000
ARTH 250 Modernism and Mass Culture in France, 1848-1914
ARTH 260 American Art and Architecture: Colonial to 1865
ARTH 263 African American Art
ARTH 270 The Art of the Print
ARTH 312 Contemporary African Arts
ARTH 319 Architecture of the 19th Century
ARTH 360 American Art and Architecture: 1865-1945
ARTH 398 Matisse and Methods

Beyond the West

One of the following:
ARTH 212 African Visual Cultures
ARTH 223 Islamic Art
ARTH 255 Art and Ritual of the Ancient Americas
ARTH 263 African American Art
ARTH 312 Contemporary African Arts

Museum Studies

One of the following:
ARTH 230 Introduction to Museum Studies
ARTH 270 The Art of the Print
ARTH 334 Exhibiting Africa: Past & Present
ARTH 335 Exhibition Design

For the major, the college requires at least three courses at the 300 level or above.

Students may elect up to 16 credits in art. It is urged that students take a course in European history prior to 1800. Students who plan to do graduate work in art history are strongly advised to develop a reading knowledge of German and French. Italian may sometimes be substituted.

For any questions regarding art history, please contact the art history chair, Touba Ghadessi.

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