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Alumni Update

  • Margaux Fisher

    Working on What it Means to be Human

    After finishing her degree at Wheaton College, Margaux Fisher '12 went further on her quest to find out what it means to be human.   Her masters work at the London School of Economics and Political Science showcases the amazing human ability to be creative. Working on post-Katrina New Orleans her work looks at the […] More »
  • Atsu_Ishizumi

    Anthropology and Health: Trending

    Working as a project director at Flamingo Tokyo, Atsuyoshi Ishizumi '12 practices anthropology in the business of health.  Understanding cultural context, he writes, is "crucial to health and wellness." To give but one example among those discussed by Atsu, the meaning of joint pain in Japan is defined by its cultural context because of the seating arrangements in […] More »
  • Chelsey_Taylor_1214-cropped

    Anthropology and Health: Trending

    What anthropology has to do with creating health content When I tell people I majored in anthropology, I get a lot of blank stares. Then the questions start: What is anthropology? How does that relate to your current career? And my personal favorite: How did you even get a job? Despite the relatively crooked path […] More »
  • Laura Donovan

    Alumni Update: Laura Donovan '12

    The Museum at FIT in NYC is featuring an exhibition on The Women of Harper's Bazaar. Alumna Laura Donovan '12 is a key contributor to this exhibit as part of her MA in Fashion and Textile studies at New York's Fashion Institute of Technology. The exhibition explores the dynamic collaboration among Harper’s Bazaar editor-in-chief Carmel Snow, fashion editor […] More »
  • Victoria

    Alumni Update: Victoria Walker '15

    When life is calling, how far will you go? Victoria Walker '15 is in Chernigov, Ukraine serving in the Peace Corps. While in Ukraine she will be working with youth. In true anthropologist fashion Victoria reflects on her first weeks in the Ukraine: "These past couple days have displayed the theme of ready or not, […] More »
  • Laura Donovan

    Alumni Update: Laura Donovan '12

    Laura Donovan graduated from Wheaton College with a dual degree in Theater Studies, with a focus on costume design, and Anthropology. After working strictly theater environment Laura felt she was missing the cultural and historical research aspects of her Anthropology degree and she began searching for areas of study that would allow her to combine […] More »
  • Maggie

    Alumni Update: Maggie Yurgielewicz '15

    After graduating from Wheaton this Spring, Maggie Yurgielewicz '15 moved across the world. She was selected to be a part of the 2015 American Samoa World Teach Team. You can follow her journey as a new teacher in a rather enviable setting! More »
  • Nana

    Around the World on a Watson! Alumni Update: Nana Asare '15

    All too often our students travel the world. Nana Asare '15 was awarded a Watson to look at grassroots public health initiatives around the world. Learning about how social entrepreneurs make a difference in the lives of others Nana hopes to understand the core of the Ubuntu philosophy he grew up on: "I am because […] More »
  • DSCN5711 (1)

    Alumni Update: Fulbright Scholar Savannah Tenney '14

    Savannah Tenney '14 began her year as a Fulbright Scholar in the Fall of 2014. She writes: "Coming to Taiwan, I felt incredibly prepared to teach. What I was not prepared for, however, was the language barrier I would face when communicating with my students and coworkers, especially when I was placed on a small […] More »
  • 10928157_10153027932990560_55923409_n

    Alumn Update: Michelle Van Akin '13

    Michelle Van Akin '13 will graduate in June 2015 with a Master’s in Human Rights and Humanitarian Action from l’Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris, also known as Sciences Po. According to Michelle, "the last two years have been It has been a grilling two years of intense studies and a six month long internship. The first year […] More »