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Alumni Update

  • Working on What it Means to be Human

    After finishing her degree at Wheaton College, Margaux Fisher '12 went further on her quest to find out what it means to be human.   Her masters work at the London School of Economics and Political Science showcases the amazing human ability to be creative. Working on post-Katrina New Orleans her work looks at the […] More »
  • Anthropology and Health

    Working as a project director at Flamingo Tokyo, Atsuyoshi Ishizumi '12 practices anthropology in the business of health.  Understanding cultural context, he writes, is "crucial to health and wellness." To give but one example among those discussed by Atsu, the meaning of joint pain in Japan is defined by its cultural context because of the seating arrangements in […] More »
  • Anthropology and Health

    What anthropology has to do with creating health content When I tell people I majored in anthropology, I get a lot of blank stares. Then the questions start: What is anthropology? How does that relate to your current career? And my personal favorite: How did you even get a job? Despite the relatively crooked path […] More »
  • Orly Clerge speaks at podium

    Orly Clerge Keynote Speaker

    Orly Clerge '05 delivers Keynote Lecture at Wheaton's 32nd Sociology & Anthropology Symposium. More »