The Alumni Board of Directors provides the volunteer leadership and direction for all Association activities. To send a message to any one of the following members please email your correspondence to

Mission Statement
“The Alumni Board of Directors serves as an inclusive voice of and for the alumni. In keeping with the college’s mission, the Board strives to foster meaningful connections and engagement between and among alumni, future alumni and the college.”

Alumni Board of Directors

Kathryn “Katie” Leiby Schneider ’06
Maplewood, NJ

Vice President of Strategic Planning & Governance
Janine Perry ’12
Washington, DC

Nominating Committee Chair
Katherine Wieland ’05
Northport, NY

Cheri Hurtubise ’05
Chelsea, MA

Alumni Trustees

Priscilla Brown Carey ’74
Arlington, VA

Indira Henard ’03
Washington, DC

Marcus Relthford ’97, S’99
Terrace Park, OH

Elena Wong ’07
San Francisco, CA


Andru Anderson ’19
Bronx, NY

Katelyn Brewer ’07
Mount Pleasant, SC

Thomas Bruemmer ’12
Shrewsbury, MA

Molly Grannell ’15
Brookline, MA

Alisa Gray Johnson ’97
Oakland, ME

Tianna Lall ’14
Middlebury, CT

Rana LaPine ’16
Westminster, CO


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