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Jenny Abercrombie, ND ’05

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The Vibrant Mom - Jenny Abercrombie '05

The Vibrant Mom

Lesley Bannatyne ’75
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Unaccustomed to Grace - Lesley Bannatyne '75

Unaccustomed to Grace. Stories
Fiction, Short stories

HalloweenNation - Lesley Bannatyne '75

Halloween Nation. Behind the Scenes of America’s Fright Night

Halloween History - Lesley Bannatyne '75

Halloween. An American Holiday, An American History

Witches Night Before Halloween - Lesley Bannatyne '75

Witches’ Night Before Halloween
Children’s fiction

Ellen Booraem ’73

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Ellen Booraem '73 - River Magic

River Magic
Children’s fantasy

Nancy Brewka-Clark ’69

Beautiful Corpus - Nancy Brewka-Clark '69

Beautiful Corpus

Camille Buffington ’17

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Brain Stormers - Camille Buffington '17

Brain Stormers
Creative non-fiction

Heather Mills Chase ’06

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Why are the lights so loud - Heather Mills Chase '06

Why Are The Lights So Loud?: Stories About Being An Adult Female With Asperger’s

Janis Robinson Daly ’84

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The Unlocked Path - Janis Daly '84

The Unlocked Path
Women’s Historical Fiction

Rachel Rodgers Dolhanczyk ’98

Rachel Rodgers Dolhanczyk '98

The A.J. Meerwald and the New Jersey Oyster Industry

Black Voices of Cape May - Rachel Dolhanczyk '98

Black Voices of Cape May: A Feeling of Community
Non-fiction – Part of committee that wrote/researched.

Ross Franklin ’02

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Book Cover - Ross Franklin '02

The Founder Success Formula

Rob Greene ’94

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Mercury Rising - Rob Greene '94

Mercury Rising

Dustin Grinnell ’06

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The Empathy Academy - Dustin Grinnell '06

The Empathy Academy

The Healing Book Dustin Grinnell '06

The Healing Book

Cynthia Erb Hammer ’65

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Living with Inattentive ADHD - Cynthia Hammer '65

Living with Inattentive ADHD
Non-fiction, Memoir, Self-help

Jill Hunting ’72

For Want of Wings - Jill Hunting '72

For Want of Wings: A Bird with Teeth and a Dinosaur in the Family
Narrative non-fiction (memoir + U.S. history)

Finding Pete - Jill Hunting '72

Finding Pete: Rediscovering the Brother I Lost in Vietnam
Narrative non-fiction (memoir + U.S. history)

Majorie Gelb Jones ’62

At the Crossroads A Frances Yates Mystery - Marjorie Jones '62

At the Crossroads: A Frances Yates Mystery
Biographical Fiction

In the Chateau - Majorie Jones '62

In the Chateau: A Frances Yates Mystery
Biographical Fiction

In the Meeting - Majorie Jones '62

In the Meeting: A Frances Yates Mystery
Biographical Fiction

in the convent majorie jones '62

In the Convent: A Frances Yates Mystery
Biographical Fiction

In the Cards - Majorie Jones '62

In the Cards: Murder and Magic in the Library
Biographical Fiction

the life and times - majorie jones '62

The Life and Times of Mary Vaux Walcott
Non Fiction

frances yates and the hermetic tradition - marjorie jones '62

Frances Yates and the Hermetic Tradition
Non Fiction

Shanita Liu ’07

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Dear Durga - Shanita Liu 2007

Dear Durga: A Mom’s Guide to Activate Courage and Emerge Victorious
Transformational Non-fiction

Jane Martin ’74

Jane Martin '74

Observations of Life As I Know It
Essays in digital format on Substack

Trevor Paul ’08

the sword - trevor paul '08

The Legacy Chronicle: The Sword
Fiction (Epic Fantasy)

the shield - trevor paul '08

The Legacy Chronicle: The Shield
Fiction (Epic Fantasy)

Carol Huebsch Reeves ’59

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All the Little Miracles - Carol Reeves '59

All the Little Miracles
Creative Non-fiction (Memoir)

William Richards ’04

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Together by Design - William Richards '04

Together By Design: The Art and Architecture of Communal Living

Robin Smith-Johnson ’76

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Cape Cod Curiosities - Robin Smith Johnson '76

Cape Cod Curiosities

Legends and Lore of Cape Cod - Robin Smith Johnson '76

Legends and Lore of Cape Cod

Dream - Robin Smith Johnson '76

Dream of the Antique Dealer’s Daughter

cover gale warnings - Robin Johnson '76

Gale Warnings

from the farther shore - robin johnson '76

From the Farther Shore: Discovering Cape Cod and the Islands through Poetry

Ashley Sweeney ’79

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HARDLAND - Ashley Sweeney '79

Hardland: A Novel

Nicole Lee Tadgell ’91

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Leaves to My Knees - Nicole Tadgell '91

Leaves to My Knees

Ret Talbot ’93

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ChasingShadows - Ret Talbot 1993

Chasing Shadows
Narrative Nonfiction

Geoffrey Visgilio ’96
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Believe - Geoffrey Visgilio '96


 SWITCH - Geoff Visgilio '96


FALLING INTO GRACE - Geoff Visgilio '96

Falling Into Grace

Derron Wallace ’07

Derron Wallace 2007

The Culture Trap: Ethnic Expectations and Unequal Schooling for Black Youth