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  • Image of Professor Cathcart

    PBS calls on Professor Cathcart

    Professor Cathcart appears on Television in a response to a film that reinvigorated the KKK in 1915. It will air on PBS’s Independent Lens, February 6, 2017. More »
  • Open House Success!

    Students and faculty from the AAADS program meet at the Marshall Cultural Center for an open house. More »
  • Ashante Little

    Big finish

    National track champion, Ashante Little '14, credits academic and extracurricular balance to Professor Shawn Christian. More »
  • Portrait of author and artist Imo Nse Imeh

    Dr. Imo Nse Imeh

    Imo Nse Imeh investigates women’s aesthetics and scholarship in Nigeria. He will speak on Thursday, March 29, 2012 in Knapton Lecture Hall at 6:30pm. More »