Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts



  • A Note to Prospective Student Parents

    Though I am the Dean of Students, and our division is called Student Affairs, I have no illusions: choosing a college, coming to college, succeeding in college (and occasionally struggling in college) are family activities in many ways. And they should be. Most students who come to Wheaton have had the benefit of their parents' […] More »
  • Albi Skenderi '09: From Wheaton to Wall Street

    The story of one alumnus Wheaton experience and the career to which it led. More »
  • Molly Galdston '09: Connections Made at Wheaton

    Wheaton’s Connections curriculum allowed me to combine courses in psychology, sociology, religion and language to create my own multi-course “connection” entitled "Cross-Cultural Perceptions of Child Development." More »
  • Kim Nash ’12: The Right Path

    While it may be difficult to describe or measure, you and your son or daughter will likely know "good fit" when you experience it, just as admission officers see that same "good fit" in a successful applicant, as they strive to build the best and most diverse learning community possible. More »
  • Sarah-Collins

    From Wheaton Parents: Challenges, Growth and Support

    Sarah's college years were filled with opportunities, many of which would not have been possible without Wheaton's support. More »