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Kim Nash ’12: The Right Path

Posted on November 8, 2013

I wanted to take a minute today to share my Wheaton story with you. I’m originally from Tempe, Arizona and knew I wanted to go to college somewhere with four seasons on the east coast. My grandmother suggested Wheaton, her alma mater, without expecting anything. I applied, then came to visit and I was hooked. I met the track coaches who sold me on Wheaton’s career center and small classes. I was impressed by the postgraduate connections Wheaton makes for its students.

Once at Wheaton, I dove into everything including running track and cross country, serving in student government, and double majoring in economics and international relations. Running at the collegiate level was tough but was an incredible experience that taught me the meaning of hard work and endurance while giving me an incredible group of friends from day one.

I grew up speaking German at home and lived in Germany for a year, so international affairs were already a clearly defined passion. Economics caught my interest after taking Econ 101, which was a prerequisite for one of the requirements within the international relations major. Professor Gildea opened my eyes to basic economic principals which I found fascinating and soon I added a second major in which I would end up writing an honors thesis.

One of the highlights of my time at Wheaton was building relationships with my favorite professors. I spent countless hours in professors’ offices across departments talking about subjects that interested me as well as what I would be doing after Wheaton.

Each summer I pursued an internship, first at the Arizona Mexico Commission which is part of the Governor’s Office in Arizona, then at the Clinton Foundation in New York City as a Foreign Policy Analyst, and finally at Deutsche Bank where I am currently working in Equity Capital Markets. I am really enjoying the fast-paced nature of my work and am learning all about the equity markets, which is a fascinating field in which to work.

Wheaton gave me endless opportunities. I encourage your son or daughter to explore Wheaton and take advantage of all that it offers.

- Kim Nash ’12

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