Wheaton has a great history of attracting and enrolling talented homeschooled students. In fact, Wheaton’s homeschooled alumni include winners of national academic competitions such as the Truman, Watson and Marshall Scholarships.

We strive to accommodate a range of learning plans as long as the documentation ensures appropriate preparation for the rigor of a Wheaton education.


Eligible homeschoolers must earn or have earned one of the following:

  • A high school diploma
  • The recognized equivalent of a high school diploma, typically a General Education Development (GED) certificate or through completion of the HiSet® Exam.
  • A completed secondary homeschool program (with state completion credential, if applicable*)

* Though students who have been homeschooled during some or all of their high school years may not have a high school diploma or the equivalent, they may apply to Wheaton if their homeschooling was completed in a program approved by the state. Homeschooled students who were educated in a state that issues a high school completion credential must submit this credential with their application to Wheaton.
Students who are not issued a secondary school completion credential should send a portfolio of their work to be reviewed by the Admission Committee. This material will be used to determine whether such students are adequately prepared for academic work at Wheaton.


In addition to all required materials for a first-year applicant, homeschooled students must submit the following additional required documents:

Standardized testing

The submission of standardized tests is optional in Wheaton’s admission process. Many homeschooled students, however, choose to submit test results so that the Admission Committee has additional context to evaluate their grades. Suggested exams may include SAT, ACT, SAT subject tests or Advanced Placement (AP). Grades earned at a college or university also may be submitted. If you choose not to submit optional credentials, you will not be penalized in the review process, however, the Admission Committee often finds that additional information such as standardized test scores and college course grades can enhance a student’s chance for admission. Generally, the more academic information available, the greater confidence the Committee has in evaluating each homeschooled student’s candidacy.
Because we recognize that the background and experience of each homeschooled student is different, we are happy to meet with you or consult by phone (508-286-8251) if you have questions about our application process. We look forward to getting to know you!

My family knows firsthand that Wheaton is a great place for homeschooled students. For over two decades, my wife and I have taught our six sons at home, two of whom have already graduated from Wheaton, and two others are currently enrolled. Each is a unique student and found his own passion at Wheaton, while being challenged and encouraged by professors and fellow students.

—Mark LeBlanc
Meneely Professor of Mathematics/Computer Science