Lexos is a web-based tool to help you explore your favorite corpus of digitized texts. Our primary motivation is to help you find the explorer spirit as you apply computational and statistical probes to your favorite collection of texts. Lexos provides a workflow of effective practices so you are mindful of the many decisions made in your experimental methods.

Our public server shares our latest release of Lexos v4.0 (2019) and represents the work over 12 summers from Wheaton undergraduates, professors, and visiting scholars. Our work is supported by Wheaton College (Norton, Massachusetts) and was previously funded by the NEH.

Use Lexos On Our Server

This is our latest release v4.0 (2019).

Want a local installation of Lexos On Your Computer?

We recommend that you use our public server as you get started with Lexos. Then, if you find you are uploading many (large) files, you might consider installing a local version of Lexos on your computer. This is a download of our newest release v4.0 (reflecting work in Summers 2016-2019). Our installation guides will walk you through the process of installing Anaconda and Lexos on your computer. Some familiarity with using the command-line is assumed.

In progress … Lexos v4.0.x


Are you interested in contributing to our on-going software development work?

github — https://github.com/WheatonCS/Lexos
Download the .zip (or clone) our repo from our github page. Starting with v3.2.x, our back-end has been refactored to use Python v3.6.


Here are some directions to help you set up your developer environment (similar to how we set up our stations during summer sprints). Head over to our Lexos Bootcamp Wiki page to get started.