Suddenly, 2023 … and 14+ years for the Lexomics Research Group and our interdisciplinary work with undergraduates to build tools to help scholars explore their digitized texts. Project leads Mark LeBlanc, Michael Drout, and Scott Kleinman are blending start-up and research cultures to build and apply tools for introductory explorations of your favorite collection of texts.


Dr. Michael Drout. Anglo-Saxon scholar, Professor of English at Wheaton College. Mike enjoys the study of really old writing, writing from way, way before you were born. Drout has written extensively on medieval literature, including articles on Beowulf, the Anglo-Saxon wills, the Old English translation of the Rule of Chrodegang, the Exeter Book ‘wisdom poems’ and Anglo-Saxon medical texts. Drout’s English grammar book, King Alfred’s Grammar, is available at his website,, where you can hear him read you some Anglo-Saxon as a bedtime story.


Dr. Jianyu Huo is a Wheaton research scholar of Chinese literature and drama. Her research interests span from classical Chinese literature and drama, Buddhism and Daoism, women’s and gender studies, digital humanities, to puppet theater, Asian-American theater, world theatre, and cross-cultural theater adaptations. She has taught at Boston University, Bentley University, and the University of Pittsburgh. The broad range of courses she has taught includes those on classical Chinese drama, world theater, performance, and Chinese cinema. She also taught classical Chinese literature and drama at Renmin University in Beijing and at Shanxi University as an Associate Professor. She is the editor of seven volumes of the Precious Scrolls Collection of the Harvard-Yenching Library (Meiguo Hafo da xue Hafo Yanjing tu shu guan cang bao juan hui kan 美國哈佛大學哈佛燕京圖書館藏寶卷彙刊). She received her Ph.D. and Distinguished Dissertation Award from Nanjing University. She was awarded a postdoctoral fellowship from the Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and was a researcher at UCLA. Her current projects include applying Lexomics methods and other digital humanities approaches to world literature.

Dr. Scott Kleinman. Professor of English and Director of the Center for the Digital Humanities at California State University, Northridge. Scott is a classic digital humanities professor: studying Middle English verse one moment and cutting code the next. Scott was lead front-end developer in the v4.0 release of Lexos software and is leading current efforts to release an API to Lexos functionality.

Mark D. LeBlanc

Dr. Mark D. LeBlanc. Professor of Computer Science at Wheaton College. LeBlanc teaches ‘computing for poets’ (an undergraduate introduction to text mining experiments, currently taught using Python) and has supervised the development of many software tools and computational experiments in genomics and lexomics. In addition to running machine learning experiments in R and Python, Mark tries to manage the software-types.

Kate Boylan

Kate Boylan ’04, former Director of Archives & Digital Initiatives at Wheaton College. Kate helped the group begin to learn how to manage our research data, including repositories that capture some of our hours of previous work spent finding, scrubbing, and cutting texts and entire corpora in special ways, for example, Shakespeare’s corpus.


Weiqi Feng ’19. Weiqi was our software lead in both 2018 and 2019. A computer science and mathematics major at Wheaton, Weiqi is at UMass Amherst studying for his Ph.D. in Computer Science.


Cheng Zhang ’18. Cheng led our back-end (Python) refactoring efforts, prompting the group of eight developers to adopt PEP8 standards, type hinting, unit testing with code coverage, and continuous integration. Cheng is presently studying at Boston University for his Ph.D. in Computer Science.

Previous Research Groups

2022: Jack Murray, Jeffrey Stewart, Scott Kleinman, and Mark LeBlanc.


2020-21: "hello Covid"

2019: (Back, left to right) Alvaro de Landaluce, Weiqi Feng, Caleb Braddick, Jake Loberti, Madeleine Limoges, Celeste Nobrega, Myles Trevino. (Front, left to right) Mark LeBlanc, Lily Goneau, Callie Lirakis, Adrienne Green, Jackson Reed, Maggie Shafer, Kate Boylan, Mike Drout.
2018: (Back, left to right) Scott Kleinman, Phuntsho Norbu, Weiqi Feng, Ginger Ciaburri, Abigail Cahill, Marissa Gamache, Kate Boylan, Danny Mullen, Eammon Littler. (Front, left to right) Mark LeBlanc, Yenny Bautista, Nina Treese, Jigme Sherpa, Mat LeBlanc, Krissa Cusanelli, Mike Drout.
2017: (Back, left to right) Alvaro de Landaluce, Joshua Wolfe, Emma Steffens, Weiqi Feng, Scott Kleinman, Elizabeth Oliveira, Xinru Liu, Shi Shen (Front) Mark LeBlanc, Jonathan Gerkin, Cheng Zhang, Arianna Alfiero, Katherine Greene, Michael Drout (Not Pictured: Wenzhuo Shi)
2016: (Back, left to right) Alvaro de Landaluce, Jordan Hamilton, Bastien Brule, Elizabeth Oliveira, Elizabeth Crowley, Audrey Dubois, Mark LeBlanc, Evan Laferriere, Michael Kristy (Front) Scott Kleinman, Jillian Valerio, Caren McCarthy, Heather Fang, Carly Lewis, Kristina Reddy, Steven Waterhouse, Yiqing Cao, Cheng Zhang, Michael Drout (Not Pictured: Rowan Lowell, Theoni Varoudaki, Sarah Kinkade)
2015: (Back, left to right) Elizabeth Crowley, Jack Segal, Cora Kohn, Jingxian Liu, Caleb Wastler, Jonathan Gerkin, Austin Gillis, Audrey Dubois (Front) Prof. Mark LeBlanc, Shiwei Huang, Sara Zhang, Moses(Cheng) Zhang, Chloe Urbanczyk, Jesse Aronson, Jillian Valerio, Rowan Lowell, Prof. Mike Drout (Not Pictured: Prof. Scott Kleinman, Sarah Creese, Helen Meng)
2014: (Back, left to right): Jinnan Ge, Jonathan Gerkin, Elizabeth Peterson, Tom Armstrong, Clayton Rieck, Richard Neal, Bryan Jensen (software lead) (Front) Mark LeBlanc, Qi (Sara) Zhang, Lithia Helmreich, Jillian Valerio, Stephanie Lowell, Mike Drout (Not Pictured: Scott Kleinman
Software Group 2013: (left to right): Bryan Jensen, Julia Morneau, Mark LeBlanc, Vicky Li, Devin Delfino (Not Pictured: Software Lead — Richard Neal)
2012 (Back, left to right): Elie Chauvet, Mark LeBlanc, Richard Neal, Mike Kahn, Donald Bass, Carol Mannix, Doug Raffle (Front) Mike Drout, Leah Smith, Rose Berger, Alicia Herbert, Scott Kleinman, Veronica Kerekes
2011: (left to right, those in bold worked with Lexomics) Chris DeMolles ’13, Courtney LaBrie ’13, Stephanie Antetomaso ’12, Phoebe Boyd ’12, Anthony Castellani ’13, Amos Jones ’11, Rachel Scavera ’12, Nathaniel Hunt ’13, Emily Bowman ’13, Donald Bass ’12 (see article: A robot, Beowulf and algorithms)

2009-2010: Christina Nelson ’11 and Neil Kathok ’10

2008: Christina Nelson ’11 (see article about our founding student researcher: Graduating senior lands Raytheon job)