The ICUC is equipped with 14 iMacs – 12 student imaging stations and two faculty research stations – linked to a variety of microscopes and digital cameras. These stations are capable of, but not limited to, such things as image capture and analysis, image optimization, and image distribution to the internet or to hard copy via the lab’s printing capabilities.

All computers are networked with each other, a high-speed server, and the internet.

The ICUC also possess shared equipment, some of which can be signed out by members of the Wheaton community.

Image capture hardware

For high spatial resolution microscopic images use:

  • microscopes: Nikon E200, E400, and 80i microscopes, upright, inverted, stereo, polarization
  • cameras: Spot RT slider, Spot Insight
  • optics: bright field, phase, dark field, differential interference contrast, fluorescence, Hoffman modulation contrast

For high temporal resolution (video rate) microscopic images use:

  • microscopes: Nikon E200, upright, inverted, stereo
  • cameras: Sony DFW-X700
  • optics: bright field, phase, darkf ield, Hoffman modulation contrast

Additional image capture may done with:

  • drone-mounted video camera
  • Flir Infrared camera
  • point-and-shoot cameras
  • flat-bed scanner

Image analysis and optimization software

Adobe Photoshop, ImageJ, Apple Quicktime, Apple iMovie and more.

Image distribution hardware

Large format (poster) printer and an Internet server with 2 TB capacity