Dr. Betsey Dexter Dyer a Professor of Biology at Wheaton College, is most responsible for keeping the software-types busy. She is interested in the grammar and syntax of gene regulation and all topics regarding microbes.

mark leblanc

Dr. Mark D. LeBlanc is Meneely Professor of Computer Science at Wheaton College. Mark tries to manage the software-types. He is interested in machine learning and computational sylistics. He has grown to love microbes.

Dr. Michael J. Kahn is Professor of Mathematics and Statistics at Wheaton College. Mike first introduced the group to the programming language “R”.

You can check out the History of the Wheaton College Genomics Group.


We thank the generous support and funding that we have received from the National Science Foundation, Mars Fellowships, Davis Educational Grants, The Filene Center for Work and Learning, Wheaton Research Partners, Wheaton Foundation Grants, and Wheaton’s Provost Office.