Past Co-Directors

Claire Buck (2019–2022), Founding Co-Director
Professor Emerita of English and a member of the Women’s and Gender Studies Program. The author of Conceiving Strangeness in British First World War Writing (Palgrave 2015), she studies war writing and memory in a colonial and international frame. Claire’s commitment to student centered learning emerged early in her career in England, where she taught at an open access university. At Wheaton, she organized and facilitated workshops for faculty on pedagogy, curricular change, and assessment. She was the 2018 President of the Association of Departments of English (ADE), and presented at AAC&U, Bryn Mawr’s Blended Learning Conference, MLA, and ADE Summer Seminars. Her publications on pedagogy have appeared in the ADE Bulletin and Feminist Teacher.

Cary Gouldin (2019–2022), Founding Co-Director
Humanities Liaison, Wheaton’s Wallace Library. She provides in-class information and digital literacy instruction, conducts one-on-one research consultations with students, and collaborates with faculty on digital pedagogy and instructional design. She served on the Task Force that drafted the original CCTL proposal.

M. Gabriela Torres (2019–2021), Founding Co-Director
Associate Provost (2021– ) and Professor of Anthropology and Co-Coordinator of the Public Health Program. She is a cultural anthropologist that specializes in the study of violence– particularly gender based violence– and state formation. In addition to her scholarship, she is a devoted teacher/mentor and has thrice been awarded the faculty appreciation prize at Wheaton College. She has led workshops with faculty and graduate students on teaching in the liberal arts colleges, teaching Anthropology, interactive discussion, technology in the classroom and feminist pedagogy since 2000. Her work on pedagogy has been presented at numerous conferences including POD, AAC&U, the CHCI Small Universities and Liberal Arts Colleges Network Conference, Bryn Mar’s Blended Learning Conference, NITLE Workshops and Webinars, and published in Web Writing: Why and How for Liberal Arts Teaching and Learning.

Online Teaching and Learning Associate

Sara Donaldson, EdD (2019–2022) Assistant Professor of Education and the co-coordinator of the early childhood and elementary education programs. Sara also serves as an online, adjunct faculty member in the Mathematics and STEM Instructional Leadership (PreK-6) master’s and certificate programs in the School of Education at Johns Hopkins University. Sara’s research focuses on examining the systems, structures, and cultures of learning spaces that enable critical colleagueship and promote deep learning, positive perceptions of efficacy, and empowerment for all learners. Her research on promoting engagement and deep learning in online and blended learning environments has been presented at Lilly-Bethesda and the New England Faculty Development Consortium conferences and published in The Exchange, The Tennessee Educational Leadership Journal, and the Journal on Excellence in College Teaching.

CCTL Advisory Board

Gabriela Torres, Associate Provost, Provost’s Office
Steve Viveiros, Dean of Advising, Academic Advising
Kelly Faulkner, Director of R&I, Library Services
Jonathan Walsh, French Studies, Curriculum Committee
Brenda Wyss, Economics, DEAL Co-Chair
Kyrie Johnson, Assistant Director, SFS, Co-Lab Representative
Educational Council Student
CCTL Student

Touba Ghadessi, Associate Provost
Steve Viveiros, Dean of Advising
Megan Brooks, Dean of Library
Curriculum Committee Member
Stephanie Daniels, Theatre and Dance Studies, DEAL
Educational Council Student
CCTL Student
CoLab Representative