Race and Medical Humanities

The Race and Medical Humanities Minor delves into the complex issue of racial inequities in healthcare. Interdisciplinary courses take an in depth look at race, racialized discourse, social determinants of health, health disparities, equity, fairness, justice, inequality, racial discrimination and bias within healthcare. Students examine these topics from different viewpoints and learn strategies to advocate for equitable care.

Students who pursue this course of study will gain sought-after DEI skills, giving them a competitive edge for medical school and healthcare careers. Students of all majors will be better equipped to serve diverse and underserved populations across the STEM and health sciences sectors, law and public policy, social services, journalism, and mass communications.


Mellon Foundation Grant

Wheaton College established the Race and Medical Humanities Minor with funding from the Mellon Foundation. As part of the college’s ongoing work to help transform health education, faculty are developing coursework and related initiatives that center on race and medical humanities through a humanistic lens. Students will explore global narrative medicine and digital health humanities to understand and address the causes, persistence, and solutions to health disparities.



Offered by the Anthropology, English, and Philosophy departments.