Whale Logo Research

At Wheaton, students are busy
working with mobile robot platforms, drones, 3D printers, laser cutters, and soon, motion-capture and eye-tracking toys;
hundreds of LEDs and 17-gauge electric fence wire;
conductive thread and an embroidery machine;
searching strings of DNA or Anglo-Saxon in Python; playing system admin on their own Linux/MacOS/Windows server; hiding surfaces in OpenGL; and building web apps for clients.

Wheaton’s 12 to 1 student-faculty ratio, on-campus help finding intern experiences, and Wheaton’s curriculum highlighting connections among the traditional disciplines provide unique opportunities for undergraduates to do research in computing.

  • You can learn more about potential research opportunities in:
  • The WHALE Lab – Making/fabrication Space
  • Computer Graphics & GIS – Terrain and Error Viz’
  • Genomics – The Stuff of Life is Data
  • Lexomics – Computing in the Digital Humanities
Professor LeBlanc’s Research (above)


Professor Gousie's Research
Professor Gousie’s Research (above)