Wheaton College acknowledges outstanding achievement in the scholarship and teaching of its tenured faculty through its endowed professorships.

An endowed chair is both a distinguished recognition by the college, as well as an investment that will result in the improvement of the quality of teaching and research contributions to the college.

The proposals will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Intellectual validity of the project to be undertaken or expanded during the time of the named chairship
  • Feasibility of research implementation
  • A clear plan of goals and expected outcomes for each of the five years, including what the yearly reports may contain

The chair is awarded for a period of five years, during which time the holder will receive support to conduct research in the form of course releases. $2,000 will be available each year to support research expenses. Annual reports to the Provost are expected.

Consideration is by nomination or self-nomination. Proposals and supporting materials will be reviewed by the Committee on Faculty Scholarship and Promotion and by the Provost.