Transnational Cultural Studies
Offered by the Hispanic and Italian Studies department.

What are the cultural implications of globalization? How do power and privilege shape the production, circulation and consumption of popular culture across national borders? Transnational Cultural Studies will give you the tools to both interpret cultural texts such as language and images and to understand how meaning is created across different national communities.

Exploring race, gender, sexuality, and disability from a transnational perspective, will help you become a globally engaged citizen and professional with a better understanding of the shared elements of the human condition. You will be able to move beyond monocultural thinking and be aware of the blind spots that hinder meaningful intercultural communication and mutual understanding.

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John Bezis-Selfa

Chair of the History Department; Professor of History; Latin American Studies Co-coordinator

Alberto Bianchi

Associate Professor of Italian Studies

Kenneth Bray

Professor of the Practice of Business and Management

Francisco Fernández de Alba

A. Howard Meneely Professor of Hispanic Studies

Tommasina Gabriele

Professor of Italian Studies; Italian Studies Coordinator

Hyun Sook Kim

Professor of Sociology; Co-director of Mellon Study Away Program in Miami; retired (June 2022)

Tessa C. Lee

Associate Professor of German; Chair, German Studies

Hector Medina

Associate Professor of Hispanic Studies, Emeritus

Montserrat Pérez-Toribio

Associate Professor of Hispanic Studies; Chair, Hispanic and Italian Studies Department; Latin American Studies Co-coordinator

Mary Beth Tierney-Tello

Professor of Hispanic Studies

M. Gabriela Torres

Professor and William Isaac Cole Chair in Anthropology; Associate Provost for Academic Administration and Faculty Affairs