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Human behavior. Thought and emotion. Majoring in psychology can lead to careers in human resources, health and human services, market research, sales, and a variety of helping professions—and even emerging fields like neuromarketing and performance psychology. Psychology majors with an interest in counseling, research, or health professions often pursue graduate school. As a psychology major at Wheaton, you’ll spend time in both classrooms and research labs exploring topics like developmental psychology, cognition, personality, animal behavior, neuroscience, and clinical psychology.



97% of Psychology majors from the past five years have found employment, attended graduate school or achieved a fellowship or service opportunity within six months of graduation *

*outcomes data is based on a knowledge rate of 73% for the classes of 2014-2018

of Psychology majors

Recent Graduates

Sample First Jobs

  • Assistant Director, Busy Bee Child Development Center
  • Behavioral Interventionist, Autism Spectrum Therapies
  • Research Assistant, Boston Children’s Hospital
  • Special Education Paraprofessional, Waltham Public Schools
  • Talent Acquisition Operations Assistant, Alnylam Pharmaceuticals

Sample Graduate Schools

  • Boston College
  • Carnegie Mellon University
  • Harvard University
  • Northeastern University
  • University of Pennsylvania

Wheaton Psychology majors are eligible for accelerated admission to the MA in Clinical Psychology program at Bridgewater State University.

Recent student internships

The Wheaton Edge offers experiences beyond the classroom.

Prabha Regmi

2021, Psychology and Public Health

Porter Cleveland Fellowship

Caring Heart Home Health Agency, Columbus, OH

My internship this summer focused on providing extensive care to under-resourced patients who seek daily medical help through aides, skilled nurses, LPNs, RNs and case managers in their own homes. I worked with an online database, helped with patient outreach and interacted with patients.

Ciham Tum

2021, Psychology

Merit Scholarship

Faculty-led Trip: "Disaster and Reconstruction", Ponce, Puerto Rico

The focus of this program was to learn and understand the horrific phenomenon of gender-based violence after a natural disaster, specifically in the context of Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria. My work revolved around lectures, visiting communities and speaking with community leaders.

Maggie Tammaro

2021, Psychology

Lisa Miller Maguire '81 Internship Endowed Fund

Community Harvest Project, North Grafton, MA

This experience really helped me broaden my horizons and develop my interests in farming and agriculture, as well as learn more about hunger relief and the nonprofit world.

Sarah Rouse

2020, Psychology, Theatre

Mary Zygala Schleyer '74 Wheaton Fund Internship

New Hope Inc., Attleboro, MA

I have become more confident in my abilities to work with people who have experienced domestic violence. While this field might seem intimidating, New Hope taught me how to create genuine connections, provide a support system for survivors and have the strength to tackle any situation.

Amber Proteau

2020, Elementary Education, Psychology

Kristen Shea Bettencourt '89 Wheaton Fund Internship

Vermont Adaptive Ski and Sports, Burlington/Bolton, VT

This experience has been an amazing opportunity, as I have been able to work with people of all ages with a range of disabilities. I have now decided to focus my career on special education.

Lauren Hunt

2020, Early Childhood Education, Psychology

Davis International Fellowship

International Medical Aid, Mombasa, Kenya

I saw firsthand how feeling and showing compassion for another individual has an astounding effect on life for both people.


Michael Berg

Professor of Psychology; Co-Coordinator, Public Health Program

Katherine Eskine

Assistant Professor of Psychology

Matthew Gingo

Associate Professor of Psychology

Linette G. Liebling

Visiting Instructor of Psychology

Kathleen Morgan

Associate Professor of Psychology

Bianca Cody Murphy

Professor of Psychology, Emerita; Coordinator, Wheaton/Royal Thimphu College Partnership Program

Rolf Nelson

Professor of Psychology; Chair, Psychology Department

Nancy Olin

Visiting Instructor of Psychology

Lindsay Orchowski

Visiting Assistant Professor of Psychology

Christina Riggs Romaine

Associate Professor of Psychology

Gail Sahar

Jane Oxford Keiter ‘64 Professor of Psychology

Srijana Shrestha

Assistant Professor of Psychology