Learning Outcomes

Hispanic Studies at Wheaton is an interdisciplinary major that gives students both the linguistic access to and the knowledge about the multiple cultures of the Spanish speaking World and the analytical, research, and writing skills necessary for today’s technology driven globalized world.

Students will demonstrate by their senior year in their capstone experience:

  • The ability to think critically and creatively about Hispanic literatures and cultures and to speak, write, and understand standard Spanish both in interpersonal situations and in cultural and scholarly works.
  • The ability to gather, organize, and coherently present information from diverse sources across disciplines and genres by the use of both libraries and electronic resources.
  • The ability to interpret a variety of authentic cultural products by making connections, comparing points of view, and identifying writers′ (and readers′) biases and backgrounds.
  • Analytical strategies by evaluating evidence, arguing in favor or against a particular viewpoint, and producing, testing and demonstrating hypotheses.
  • Critical awareness of the cultural realities of Spanish speaking communities both in the US and overseas supported by a general knowledge, with depth in some areas, of the history, socio-political and economic circumstances of the Hispanic World.