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Studying literature—the classics to this week’s bestseller list— expands your understanding of humanity. As you turn each page, you’ll explore the elements of craft behind compelling poetry, fiction, nonfiction, drama, and film. Wheaton’s literature concentrations span geography, time, and topics: diversity, pop culture/media, medieval/renaissance, and colonialism/postcolonialism/global. With a keen eye for detail and equipped with myriad marketable skills, English majors fill writer, editor, content creator, project manager, analyst, research, and related roles in nearly every industry from publishing and marketing to law and healthcare. They’re also well-prepared for law school or graduate study.



97% of English majors from the past five years have found employment, attended graduate school or achieved a fellowship or service opportunity within six months of graduation *

*outcomes data is based on a knowledge rate of 79% for the classes of 2014-2018

of English majors

Recent Graduates

Sample First Jobs

  • Associate Editor, HCPro
  • English Language Arts Teacher, Harry M. Bailey Middle School
  • High School English Teacher, Aspen School District
  • National Administrative Coordinator, Jumpstart for Young Children
  • West Coast Page, NBCUniversal

Sample Graduate Schools

  • Cornell University
  • Georgetown University
  • Harvard University
  • New York University
  • Yale University

Wheaton English majors are eligible for accelerated admission to the Masters in Gender and Cultural Studies or Masters in Children’s Literature programs at Simmons University.

Recent student internships

The Wheaton Edge offers experiences beyond the classroom.

Sarah True

2020, English

Martha Van Cott Singdahlsen '57 Wheaton Fund Career Exploration Fund

Seacoast United, Epping, NH

I was able to practice the promotional social media skills I’ve learned while taking classes for my concentration in contemporary culture and new media. I was also able to apply my journalism minor by interviewing families and writing an article for Seacoast United’s website.

Christopher Stack

2020, English

Esther Newberg '63 Wheaton Fund Stipend for Experiential Learning

Blydyn Square Books, Kenilworth, NJ

I learned that I want to work in publishing.

Mary Marcucella

2020, English

The Cronin Family Career Exploration Fund

Wheaton College Athletic Communications, Norton, MA

My experience this summer taught me that I enjoy graphic design and marketing, and that it is something I’m interested in pursuing post-grad.

Anna Lally

2021, Neuroscience, English (minor)

Caroline C. Edwards '70 Current Use Internship Fund

Healey Lab, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Amherst, MA

This experience provided an introduction to the career I hope to have in the field of neuroscience research. The skills I gained will allow me to move forward, not only in my academic work but also in my professional work outside of the classroom.

Kyela Magnuson

2021, English, Chemistry (minor)

Lauren Davis '04 Internship

Beverly Bootstraps, Beverly, MA

I feel so inspired to help my community and promote change after this summer. I hope to inspire others with my writing.

Callie Lirakis

2020, English

The Cronin Family Career Exploration Fund

Wheaton College Lexomics Research Group, Norton, MA

During my internship I learned how to use modern technology to further analyze literature. I also gained insight into how scholars make new discoveries and points of interest in even the oldest pieces of literature.


Deyonne Bryant

Samuel Valentine Cole Professor of English and Mary Heuser Chair in the Arts | Director, Center for Collaborative Teaching and Learning

Claire Buck

Professor of English, Emeritus

James Patrick Byrne

Senior Professor of the Practice of English

Beverly Lyon Clark

Professor of English, Emerita

Samuel Coale

Professor of English, Emeritus

Katherine Conway

Associate Professor of English

Michael Drout

Professor of English; Chair, English Department; Director of the Center for the Study of the Medieval

Talitha Espiritu

Associate Professor of English; Co-Coordinator, Journalism Studies Minor

Ruth Foley

Senior Professor of the Practice of English

Wesley Jacques

Assistant Professor of English

Lisa Lebduska

Professor of English, Director of College Writing

Charlotte Meehan

Playwright-in-Residence, Professor of English; Global Literary Studies Program Co-coordinator; Creative Writing Coordinator

Ted Nesi

Visiting Instructor of English

Angie Sarhan

Senior Professor of the Practice of English

Kent Shaw

Associate Professor of English

Ada McKenzie Thomas

Assistant Professor of English

Winter Jade Werner

Associate Professor of English; Coordinator of Digital Humanities