Vision Statement

Our vision is to create a Wheaton in which all students, faculty and staff are exposed to perspectives different from their own. Through educational opportunities abroad and at home, we will assist students in developing their intellectual and cultural curiosity while appreciating and learning from diversity. We aim to foster an environment of antiracism and promote social justice and community action. We encourage the contextualization of global issues. We aim to make our community aware of and informed about issues of concern across the globe, acknowledging that global and domestic are entwined and emphasizing our responsibility to address these issues according to our place in the world.

Mission Statement

  • We aim to make Wheaton an inclusive community to which students from around the world are drawn. We support individual students as they navigate the complexities of the U.S. system of immigration. We enhance the academic experience by providing the highest level of knowledge and expertise in advising.
  • We advocate for and advise students on a diverse offering of international opportunities, intentionally
    connecting them with programs that meet their academic, professional, and personal goals and needs, while ensuring equitable access to, and inclusion in, such opportunities. We work closely with students as they prepare to embark on their international experiences, while abroad to support them as necessary, and encourage students upon return to engage in deep reflection about their experiences and to meaningfully integrate their experiences into curricular and co-curricular life at the College. 
  • We collaborate with faculty to further internationalize the curriculum. We assist them in implementing international academic experiences that support students in exploring global issues. And we identify opportunities for faculty to acquire relevant international teaching and research experiences to enhance their on-campus teaching practices. 
  • We collaborate with student organizations, academic departments and other units to promote cross-cultural engagement on campus and in the local community. We spearhead and support efforts to bring in lecturers and performers to represent different voices from around the world.