Each of your college years offers opportunities that will bring you closer to work you’ll love. Career exploration is a process that differs depending upon your interests, experiences, and level of motivation. Wheaton offers an abundance of career resources that included one-to-one advising, programming for academic and career-related interests and Wheaton Edge Funding opportunities that will enable you to participate in professional conferences as well as summer experiences.

Perhaps the most important piece of information you can take away from this web page is to understand that you are in charge of your career development. The staff at Career Services and the Wheaton community as a whole is available to answer your questions, facilitate your career education, connect you to career mentors and help you to make the most of your Wheaton education, but you have to take the initiative. So let’s get started! Take a look at the list of suggested actions you can take regardless of your class year or your level of career development.

Getting Started

  1. Meet with a career advisor. You can login to Handshake to schedule your appointment online.
  2. Join one of the 200+ student clubs on campus and develop your interests and leadership qualities.
  3. Develop your resume with a Career Peer Advisor.