Wheaton College Political Science

Books and publications in the Filene Center:

  • Great Jobs for Political Science Majors, Mark Rowh
  • Government Job Finder, Daniel Lauber
  • The Access Guide to International Affairs Internships: Washington, D.C., Edited by Matthew T. Higham & Hilary Berkey
  • Washington: A comprehensive directory of the area≠s major institutions and people who run them, Columbia Books, Inc.
  • How to get into the Right Law School, Paul Lermack, Ph.D.
  • Career Choices for Undergraduates Considering Law, Career Associates
  • International Affairs Directory of Organizations, Edited by Bruce Seymore II
  • Careers in Government, Mary Elisabeth Pitz
  • Opportunities in State and Local Government Careers, Neale Baxter

Internet Resources: