Accessibility Services is responsible for receiving and maintaining disability-related documentation and information for students with disabilities at Wheaton College. All documentation in the student’s file is treated confidentially and will not be released to anyone not involved in the accommodation and service-delivery process with the following exceptions:

(a) the student gives Accessibility Services a signed release to share disability-related information with the person(s) or office(s) named on the release;

(b) Accessibility Services will release disability-related information as required and/or permitted by the law and/or a court order;

(c) the student threatens to harm themselves or others;

(d) the student files a disability-related complaint, appeal, grievance, or lawsuit against any College office or employee(s);

(e) there is a need-to-know or right-to-know by college faculty/staff in order to best serve the student.

Accessibility Services will not release disability-related information to a student’s parents/guardian/caregiver without a confidentiality release signed by the student. This must be a confidentiality release completed and signed at Accessibility Services. A confidentiality release signed through another office or department at Wheaton does not grant parental access to disability-related information kept by Accessibility Services.

When a student with a disability requests accommodation, they understand that some disability-related information may be provided on a need-to-know basis to College faculty and staff to help ensure that the student receives appropriate accommodations. Otherwise, College faculty and staff need to know only (1) that the student has been through the disability documentation review process; and (2) what accommodations have been approved by Accessibility Services to meet the student’s disability-related needs.

Questions regarding confidentiality should be directed to [email protected].