May FellowsThe May Fellows Program is a student-led program founded in 2012 that connects high-achieving, academically curious students to their peers and faculty and encourages students to engage deeply in the Wheaton community through co-curricular and residentially-based learning opportunities. Named after Elizabeth S. May, former dean of the College and the first woman ever appointed to serve on the Board of Directors of the Export-Import Bank of the United States.

What We Do

Regular Events

The May Fellows program holds exclusive events, campus-wide events and works with other Wheaton organizations to organize programs. Past events have included the annual Posh dinner, and other fun events such as hot chocolate night, unpopular opinion night, open mic night, and coordinating with Roosevelt Club to put on Whea Talks. May Fellows are encouraged to attend as many events as possible and bring along friends!

May Fellows Colloquium

Beginning in the Spring of 2017, May Fellows working in teams had the chance to develop and present new research projects that tackle relevant questions. Participating Fellows assemble into two teams according to their interests and with guidance from Faculty Consultants representing each of four areas of inquiry: Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Arts, and Humanities. All May Fellows Colloquium projects in a given semester respond to a common charge proposed by the President of Wheaton College. Colloquium participants receive one academic credit for their work and present their results as part of the Wheaton Academic Festival and beyond!

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Application Process

The May Fellows Program invites Wheaton’s highest-achieving incoming first-year students to apply in their first semester. Students are chosen by admissions or can be nominated by a faculty member. After the initial application, selected students are invited to a group interview. After the interview, the Advisory Board meets and students who are accepted receive an acceptance email. Applications for continuance are completed online and are reviewed by members of the May Fellows Advisory Board.

If you are not a part of May Fellows and would like to apply, contact any of our advisory board members if you’re interested. We’re always eager to find new people and ideas to further our mission!