Fellowships and scholarships: unlocking global opportunities

The Scholar Development Advisory Committee (SDAC) mentors Wheaton students and alums who want to apply for national and international fellowships and scholarships, including the Fulbright Fellowship, the Watson Fellowship, the Beinecke Scholarship, the Udall Scholarship, and more. By informing, advising, and collaboratively supporting our Wheaton candidates and their advisors, we prepare applicants for the next stages of their education, career, and life. Our mission is to enable Wheaton students and alums to imagine and forge pathways that fulfill their passions; facilitate professional and personal goals; and advance Wheaton College’s vision of preparing intellectually-curious leaders, who are capable of creating a more equitable and just world.

National and international fellowships are for everyone! No matter where you are in your college journey, there is an inter/national opportunity to help you explore your passions and interests.


Step 1: Explore fellowship opportunities

It is never too early to start your fellowships search. The SDAC regularly holds information sessions and writing workshops on fellowships and scholarships, and you can book appointments with any of us to begin your process! We are here to help you.

Explore scholarship opportunities

Step 2: Select fellowships 

Once you’ve identified relevant opportunities, start to review their eligibility criteria. Does the award require U.S. citizenship? Does it need proof of financial need? Keep in mind that some fellowships emphasize a strong academic record. Others prize a track record of leadership and service, and still others aim to bring individuals from underrepresented communities into certain professional and academic fields. What are your experiences and skill sets? Can you begin fostering strong relationships with professors who might help you think about how this fellowship fits into your personal and professional objectives? Start to note internal and external deadlines, and make a plan to give yourself a good amount of time to tackle the application(s).

The SDAC is here to help you start thinking about how your interests and experiences might align with competitive opportunities.

Step 3: Apply!

Once you’ve decided which opportunities fit your interests and aspirations, the SDAC is here to help you in your application. We can help you brainstorm ideas, assess feasibility, review drafts of personal statements and project proposals, choose recommenders, create budgets, facilitate connections with alumni, prepare for interviews, and more.

Applying for fellowships and scholarships differs from submitting a job application. It is a chance to understand your present interests on a deeper level, as well as to substantively develop your hopes and dreams for the future.


Contact Scholar Development Advisory Committee

For information on national and international fellowships and scholarships, please use the form below to submit your contact information. A member of the SDAC will be in touch with you!

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We are composed of five members from staff and faculty:

Contact Alida Gomez for more information on Study Abroad Scholarships (including the Gilman, CLS, and Freeman-Asia).
Book an appointment with Alida

Contact Angie Sarhan Salvatore, Laura Bohn Case, Susan Friedman, or Jade Werner via email or fill out the Google Form to submit your contact information for all other national fellowships/scholarships inquiries.