Deadlines for written assignments and dates for quizzes, tests and exams are normally indicated in the syllabus you receive from your instructor at the beginning of the semester. Your inability to meet a deadline or take a test as scheduled may be resolved directly with your instructor if you meet with her or him early enough about your problem. Instructors may adjust deadlines and offer makeup tests at their discretion during the semester, however, they will do so only when you seek them out before the deadline or date has passed.

If illness makes it impossible for you to meet a deadline or take a scheduled test, you should report to the Health Center if you are to be excused. You should report directly to the Advising Center if other circumstances beyond your control prevent you from meeting your academic responsibilities on time. Please remember that, even with Health Center or Advising Center confirmation of your difficulties, instructors may follow their own discretion in determining whether an extension is appropriate in your circumstances.