Writing an honors thesis is a challenging endeavor, one that requires patience, careful planning, and most importantly, time. The actual writing is a challenge for many students, and writer’s block affects a great number of students at some point during the honors thesis process. However, you are never alone. Wheaton has a number of resources to tap into should you face any writing problems along the way. These resources can and should be used not only when you meet challenges, but also as an important tool to strengthen your thesis at any point in the process. Please refer to the following pages as you begin and continue writing your thesis.

Writing Honors Theses

This page is part of the comprehensive writing section available to Wheaton students through the English department. It offers contact information of people who are particularly trained to assist honors theses writers.

The Filene Center in Kollett Hall

The Filene Center harbors many resources for students preparing honors theses including the peer tutor program.