Professional advisors

Wheaton College offers professional advising support through academic advisors located in Kollett Hall. The academic advisors are available to deal with specialized academic concerns, as well as such areas as domestic off-campus study, study skills, learning differences, graduate and professional school advising, national competitive scholarships, and advising for students at academic risk.

Susan Friedman
Student Success Advisor, Natural Sciences, Computer Science and STEM

Rachel McElaney
Student Success Advisor, Arts & Humanities

Victor Omoayo
Student Success Advisor, Social Sciences

Suzanne Antosca
Office Manager

General Office Information


Temporary Fall Office Location: Old Science Center 1340
Monday to Friday – 8:30 to 4:30
: 508-286-8215
Fax: 508-286-5621


Instagram: @wheatonadvising



General academic advising is also available through the deans located in the Marshall Center for Intercultural Learning. In addition, the Multicultural Center offers academic workshops to the diverse communities at Wheaton College.

Students interested in study away opportunities may consult one of the advisors in the Center for Global Education. Both peer and professional advisors are available to assist Wheaton students as they explore global learning opportunities.

Students uncertain about their majors or students ready to explore the life and career implications of their identified majors may wish to consult an advisor in Career Services. They assist students seeking out-of-class learning opportunities, service learning, jobs and summer stipends, in addition to helping students explore the life and career implications of a range of academic choices.

First-Year Seminar advisors and transfer student advisors

All first-year students are assigned a faculty advisor when they select their First-Year Seminars. Most students are advised by the faculty member who serves as the instructor for their seminar. This enables the advisor to offer guidance based upon firsthand knowledge of the student’s academic skills. Normally, students remain with this advisor until they declare their major.

Similarly, all new transfer students are assigned to an academic advisor in the Filene Center. They work with the advisor to resolve any transfer credit questions and make their initial course choices. With the transfer advisor, students identify their areas of academic interest, explore major options and initiate the major declaration process.

New student advising teams

In addition to their First-Year Seminar advisor or transfer advisor, each new student is assigned peer and administrative advisors. Advising teams are led by the faculty advisor and offer each student academic, peer and staff support throughout their transition to Wheaton.

Preceptors are academic peer advisors who assist new students throughout orientation and their first year at Wheaton. They provide peer perspectives on academic issues and responsibilities, guide students in their preliminary course selections in preparation for meetings with their faculty advisors, and serve as study-strategy tutors, offering reading, time management, note-taking and test-taking strategies.

Administrative mentors assist students during their first two years at the college. They offer guidance on any administrative questions students may have, from financial to residential to life planning. They can assist with referrals and problem solving as students navigate their life at the college.

Major advisor

Once a student declares a major at Wheaton, he or she will be advised by a major advisor. Assigned by the departments, major advisors help students find courses inside and outside of the major that fit their field of interest, find faculty who share their academic focus, and assist students in setting and making progress on their postgraduate goals.

Pre-professional advisors

In addition to advisors assigned by the college, Wheaton students interested in a range of professional fields may also consult faculty with expertise in those professions. Students may seek pre-professional advice in the fields of medicine and health, education, law, business, communications, theology, engineering and art.