Academic Advising at Wheaton College promotes a college experience that empowers students to engage in self-awareness and exploration through active listening, reframing, encouraging and validating.  Academic Advising provides the impetus for students to realize their potential.  In partnership with faculty advisors, academic advising recognizes students’ ability by building relationships, connecting them to resources, and fostering their investment in the global community.

Academic advising at the college is a shared responsibility between student and advisor, whether with a student success advisor or faculty advisor. Student success advisors can help students by program with general advising or specific major questions.

Advisors assist students as they:

  • explore learning inside and outside the classroom
  • reflect upon their goals and academic choices
  • plan their academic program(s)
  • monitor their progress toward completion of all degree requirements

Academic advisors

Wheaton College offers professional advising support through academic advisors located in Kollett Hall. The academic advisors are available to deal with specialized academic concerns, as well as such areas as domestic off-campus study, study skills, learning differences, graduate and professional school advising, national competitive scholarships, and advising for students at academic risk.

MAP advisor

All students are assigned a MAP advisor in their first semester, who will be with them over their four years at Wheaton. Your MAP Advisor will be in touch with you regularly to offer guidance and support, answer questions, help you explore your goals inside and outside of the COMPASS curriculum and connect with the right partners on campus.

Major advisor

Once a student declares a major at Wheaton, he or she will be assigned a major faculty advisor. Assigned by the departments, major advisors help students find courses inside and outside of the major that fit their field of interest, find faculty who share their academic focus, and assist students in setting and making progress on their postgraduate goals.

Student Success advisors

Student Success Advisors in Academic Advising can recommend courses and fields of study appropriate to the individual student’s interests and abilities. Students are responsible for understanding the college’s requirements and for seeking appropriate academic advice to guide them in their choices; students, not their advisors, are ultimately responsible for their own academic decisions and for fulfilling the requirements for the degree.  They also provide support for navigation of academic circumstances and resources for academic success.

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