Starting in 2016 and driven by our commitment to sustainability, the college has deployed dozens of filtered water bottle filling stations across campus.

Situated in every residence hall, and all major academic and student life buildings, the stations include both a bottle filling option and a standard water fountain. Additionally all residential houses, too small for a water fountain, have water filters installed in their kitchens.  Funding for the stations came from donors, student government, and the college’s general budget, reflecting our shared commitment to this priority.

In the past two years, the stations have helped avoid usage of over 1 million disposable water bottles! Below is a list of their locations across campus.

Station locations
Building Location
Balfour-Hood Campus Center Pappas Fitness Center
Beard Hall Near Elevator on 1st floor
Chapin Hall 1st Floor
Chase Dining Available in servery
Clark Recreation Center Outside Locker Rooms
Clark Hall 2nd Floor
Craigin Hall 1st Floor
Emerson Dining Available in Servery
Everett Hall 1st Floor – Short
Everett Hall 2nd Floor – Long
Everett Heights Hall Ist Floor
Gebbie Hall 2nd Floor
Haas Athletic Center 1st Floor by Woman’s Locker Room
Keefe Hall 1st Floor
Kilham Hall Kilham 1st Floor
Knapton Hall 1st Floor
Larcom Hall 1st Floor
Mars Arts Center 1st Floor Classroom Wing
Mars Science Center 1st Floor Near Bathrooms
McIntire Hall 2nd Floor
Meadows Center 1st Floor Hallway
Meadows East Hall 1st Floor
Meadows North Hall 1st Floor
Meadows West Hall 1st Floor
Metcalf Hall 1st Floor
Park Hall 1st Floor
Park Hall 3rd Floor
Pine Hall Conger Commons next to bathrooms
Pine Hall Residential kitchens
Science Center Hindle Auditorium Lobby
Stanton Hall 1st Floor
Wallace Library Basement Near Bathroom
Wallace Library 1st floor Near Elevator
Watson Fine Arts 2nd Floor
Young Hall 1st Floor Lobby


*Residential houses (including Emerson Hall) have whole-home filtering. Filters are designed to remove minerals from the water, but may not impact discoloration.