How do I import files (PowerPoint, etc.) into onCourse?

  • Turn editing on
  • Click add an activity or resource > file
  • Then choose the file upload by either using the drag-and-drop upload feature or using the file picker to navigate to the file’s location on your computer and then selecting it
  • The built-in drag-and-drop feature can also be used to move a file directly to your course site’s main page without having to click add an activity or resource > file


How do I make my class available to students?

About the course availability / visibility setting:  This setting controls the availability / visibility of your onCourse site to students enrolled in the course.  By default all courses sites are initially hidden from the enrolled students when the sites are created before the beginning of each semester

Changing the setting:  The setting is accessed via the edit settings link in the course administration block located on the left side of your main course page:

When you are ready for your students to access your course site, change this setting from hide to show.  Save this change by scrolling down the settings page and clicking the save and display button.


How can I improve the visual appearance of my course pages and minimize unnecessary clutter?

There are several ways to do this.  Some easy possibilities are:

  • Use the docking feature
  • Delete unused blocks (the activity sections located to the left and right of the main content section in the middle of your main course page)
  • Remove unused topic and week sections:

onCourse number of weeks setting


How can I add interactive quizzes and surveys to my course site?

  • Use the choice activity (add an activity or resource > choice). This option is the easiest to use for creating quick/easy class polls that are not used for grading
  • Use the questionnaire activity (add an activity or resource > questionnaire). This option is good for creating a survey.  Questionnaires can be setup to be either anonymous or full name.  It provides a variety of question types to choose from.
  • Use the quiz activity (add an activity or resource > quiz). This option is best for graded quizzes.  Quizzes can allow multiple attempts and will be automatically graded except for short essay questions.  Teachers can give feedback to students and show the correct answer at various points during or after the quiz is completed.


How do I add a person to my course site?

In the course administration block click users >  enrolled users:



Click on the enroll users button in the top right of the screen:  EnrollUsers.  You’ will see a list of all users:


  1. Select the role you want to give the user
  2. Search for the user.
  3. Click the enroll button next to the person’s name.
  4. Click the finish enrolling users button.

Notes: The procedure above only adds a person to your course site, it does not officially enroll them in your course.  You cannot enroll a person in the role of teacher, contact Peter Kirlew (x.3927) to request an enrollment in this role.


How do I allow my students to see their grades?

  • The course grade book is hidden by default in all new course sites
  • In the course administration block, click on settings > edit settings
  • In the appearance section you’ll see the option show gradebook to students.  Change this from no to yes, then scroll down and click the save and display button


How do I download all the submitted assignments as a zip file?

  • Click the assignment link on your main course page.  This will open the assignment administration block is on the left side of the page
  • Click the option to download all submissions: