OnCourse FAQ for students

This FAQ is for students.  Faculty can access detailed help documentation by logging into onCourse, and selecting the help tab in the main navigation bar at the top of every page.

What is onCourse?

OnCourse is one of the primary locations where students can access their online course syllabi, lecture videos and presentations, assignments, exams, class discussion forums, and other course content.  All students can access their current and past online course sites by logging into onCourse, the college’s learning management system, using their Wheaton credentials.

My current courses are not yet visible in my course list in onCourse?

First, confirm that you are officially registered for each course either via your account in InsideWheaton or by contacting the Registrar’s Office staff.   Then check with the professors for each of your courses to confirm that they have opened their course sites so that you can see links to the course sites in your my courses page.  Unopened course sites will not be visible in your my courses page.

How do I access my course sites from previous semesters?

Select the past courses tab and then the academic year of interest from the main navigation bar at the top of every onCourse page.

How do I upload my assignment documents?

Select the link for the assignment, review any instructions the professor may have provided, select the add submission button, check the box “I have abided by the Wheaton Honor Code,” drag your assignment file into the designated area, then select the save changes button.

How do I participate in a class discussion forum?

Participation in discussion forums usually occurs outside of scheduled course meeting times.  Select the link for the forum, review any instructions the professor may have provided, then select either the add a new discussion topic to begin a new discussion, or select an existing discussion post and then the reply link to respond to the post.

I have a question about taking an online quiz or exam in onCourse

If your professor has created an online exam in your course it will be visible as a selectable link in your course site.  You can select this link to begin taking the quiz, and be sure to notice any quiz deadlines or time limits. You can also select the same quiz link to review your quiz grade after you have completed the quiz (and the quiz has been completely graded).

Several helpful suggestions for preparing for your quiz and for taking a quiz are available in onCourse.

How can I take a required placement test in onCourse?

Placement tests help to provide students and faculty with guidance about which courses to take at Wheaton.  Online placement tests in onCourse are available 24/7 and can be taken anytime.  They are accessed by logging into onCourse, selecting the placement tests tab located in the main navigation bar at the top of every onCourse page, then scrolling down the list of placement tests and selecting the one of interest.

Currently there are online five placement tests: French, German, Italian, Music Theory and Spanish.  Additionally, Greek and Latin tests can be requested from the faculty in those departments.  Each test provides detailed information which should be reviewed before beginning the test.

Questions about placement test results and course selection based on the results can be directed to the faculty of the corresponding department.

Other languages and academic subjects do not have a placement test at Wheaton, and students interested in those areas can contact the faculty of those departments for course selection guidance.

How do I setup my local geographic timezone setting (if I am attending remotely)?

By default, all student and faculty onCourse accounts are initially configured for local Norton Massachusetts time.  If you are taking online Wheaton College courses from a different geographic location you can temporarily adjust your account so that onCourse time will reflect your local time.  To do this, select your name in the main navigation bar at the top of every onCourse page, select profile from the drop-down menu, then select edit profile > timezone and select the correct option for your off-campus location.  Be sure to readjust this setting when you return to campus!

Are my grades located in onCourse?

This will depend on the professor teaching your course.  For uploaded assignments, graded discussions, and online exams, select the link for the specific activity to review your individual grades and feedback after it has been submitted and reviewed by the professor.  You may need to scroll down the page to see all the available information.  Some faculty also post grades to their course site’s gradebook and you can select the grades link on the left side of the page to see your individual grades.