What is Student Employment at Wheaton?

The student employment program at Wheaton offers students the opportunity to work to help defray college expenses and provides assistance to departments in running their day-to-day operations.  Student Financial Services promotes a student-supervisor relationship that is mutually beneficial and productive.

There are two types of on-campus student employment funding at Wheaton College.  Federal Work Study is the need-based student employment program at Wheaton. Students who are eligible for Federal Work Study are granted these funds through the financial aid process.

Students who do not qualify for need-based financial assistance may seek employment through the Wheaton Work program. Wheaton Work awards are given after a student secures employment at a department with available funds. Please note that departmental Wheaton Work funding is limited.

Student Employment at Wheaton is an opportunity for students to work on-campus to help defray college expenses and to gain valuable work experience and skills for the future.  Please note that the College cannot guarantee available on-campus jobs for all students.  However, students that are having difficulty finding employment on-campus are welcome to set up an appointment with Student Employment staff for assistance. Please contact [email protected] for further help.

For further information, please see the Student Employment Program section on insideWheaton.

Jobs on campus in 2019-2020
  • 49 percent of students held jobs on campus, earning an average of $1027.
  • Top campus employers include Athletics, Filene Center for Academic Advising and Career Services, Wallace Library, Wheaton Fund and Campus Life