Continuing students register for courses using our web-based system known as WINDOW (Wheaton Information Delivered over the Web). Students obtain a new registration PIN number from their faculty advisor in each advising period preceding the registration week. Students away from the campus at these times will be contacted by the Office of the Registrar and may follow different procedures for submitting their course registrations. Students not registered or improperly registered may not receive credit for their work.

Students may change course registrations without penalty or fee within the first seven days of instruction each semester by using WINDOW to drop or add courses. Students wishing to add a course after the seventh day of instruction may do so only with the written permission of the instructor and payment of a late fee. Students may drop courses without penalty or fee at any time before the published date, provided they maintain a normal course load (at least four credits) and have consulted a faculty advisor. No course may be dropped if it takes a student below a normal course load, or after the published deadline, without the approval of the Committee on Academic Standing.

The following changes have been made to the registration process for the Fall 2020 semester:

  1. Registration PIN’s are NOT needed to register for the Fall ’20 semester.  Faculty and advisees should connect for reviewing course requirements and academic plans for Fall 2020 course selection.
  2. For this semester, each class will now have at least 2 days for web registration as follows:
      • Class 2021 – April 13 and 14
      • Class 2022 – April 15 and 16
      • Class 2023 – April 17 and 20
      • Registration will be open from April 21 through May 1 for all class years

Steps for degree seeking students to register via WINDOW through insideWheaton

  1. Prior to course selection week, schedule an appointment with your academic advisor to plan your program of study and obtain your REGISTRATION PIN.
  2. We suggest that you complete a Registration Worksheet, including CRN Numbers, and any pertinent advising notes as well as alternate course choices. Have this worksheet with you when you enter WINDOW.
  3. Always submit changes and print a copy of your schedule. Your printed schedule is verification that your registration was processed accurately.
  4. See a staff person in the Office of the Registrar about any exceptions such as enrolling in a course on an Audit or Pass/Grade/Fail grading basis, registering for an Independent Study or Individual Research course, and the like.
  5. Registration on WINDOW will only be available during the publicized time period. Please plan accordingly.
  6. Registrations submitted to the Office of the Registrar after the last day of registration will be subject to a $15.00 late fee. Registrations submitted later than one week after the conclusion of registration will be subject to a $45 late fee.

Registration information for students returning from study abroad.